A Cut Above Dog & Cat Grooming

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Most popular breeds and pricing
 These prices vary depending on Coat condition, Size and tempermant of the animal. Whichever breed your animal most resembles is the way we view prices. If your breed is not listed, please feel free to call and get a quote 503-654-1869                                                                         
 Pomeranian-$ 38-$45 
Toy/Mini poodle- $40-$45
 Maltese- $40-$45
Yorkshire Terrier- $38-$45 
Lhasa Apso- $40-$50 
Mini Schnauzer-$40-$50 
Shih Tzu-$40-$50 
Bichon Frise- $40-$50 
Cocker Spaniel-$45-$55
Border Collie-$50-$65 
Golden Retriever-$50-$65 
Standard Poodles and Doodles-$65-$85 
Chow Chow-$80 
New Foundland & Alike-$80-$100 
Cats-$75+                                           All breeds listed above are general quotes all depending on Coat condition, size and tempermant.
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